The Family Board – A Travelogue of Trust

Follow one of Africa’s first surfboards as it makes a journey of trust across the globe. read more

Trust is a scary thing. It means making yourself vulnerable to people, letting people in on your soul rather than showing your media smile. read more

Realising the trust that their friend had placed in their oddball idea, Conn and Ross began preparing the board for travel. They surfed the board, added their footage and picture and uploaded their own anecdotes of trust. read more

The Family Board, after riding 1000s perhaps 10000s of waves over the years, finally ended up in Tony Van Ginkel’s iconic surfboard repair workshop in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. read more

This is the first chapter in the story of the Family Board. Crafted by the hands of South Africa’s father of surfing, the late and legendary John (the Oom) Whitmore (1929 – 2001). read more